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Dance Upon Adversity Original

Dance Upon Adversity Original

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"Dance Upon Adversity" was a really emotional piece for me. 


I'm a second generation abuse survivor. My mother danced as a child. My father, a tyrant and abuser, had a fascination with rhinos and collected the figurines throughout my childhood. This piece represents my mother, myself, and every generation after us breaking the generational curses of abuse, oppression, poverty, and every other weight that has been on our family's shoulders. It is a representation of taking the tough and the ugly that life has given us and dancing in joy anyway. Here's to my mother, myself, and all of the matriarchs of change within so many family lines, those that Dance Upon Adversity.


"Dance Upon Adversity," 24x48" oil on canvas with gold leaf and 99.99 sterling silver flakes. 2022. 


$550 shipped.

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